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Hate-mail, ontvangen naar aanleiding van een artikel op GeenStijl


Ter gelegenheid van Valentijnsdag een interview van mij met met mijzelf op mijn blog over mijn nieuwe site Letters for Lovers (hoezo WC-eend?):

interview (door Marcel Gieling)

Sophia Aanastasia Wat een prachtige naam om je schilderijen mee te signeren, vindt u ook niet?

Mantras work

The power of Mantras. Raised with the firm notion that sex = love and love = sex,

My Ass!

intention was an instruction film about how to make elderflower syrup.  The footage, however, was mostly unusable due to a technical defect and I ended up with something completely different: Music by Michael Baird, to be downloaded here: Ends and Odds If, for some reason, you might like to contribute to my life you […]

Death is pointless.

Carly and I were pregnant together.  There were more of us, pregnant expatriate women in Bali: Robin, Caroline, Janet, Kerry… It was 1993. Solo subjective research had resulted in the conviction that I should avoid the hospital at all times.  I went to the local ‘Bidan’ for my monthly check-ups and refused the tetanus injection […]